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The Snooty Sim-Centric Legacy 1.0

Hello there! Welcome to my second attempt at a Sim-Centric Legacy. Considering I came up with the rules (found HERE) you’d think I’d be better at it. Instead, my last attempt killed themselves off in a wave of inbred stupidity, so two years later I’m giving it another go! Wish me luck!
To make a long story short, a Sim-Centric Legacy is all about the Sims wants and fears. I can’t do anything, nor can I instruct them to do anything, that they don’t want. They’re in complete control of their own lives, for better or worse. Often worse, as you’ll see lol. Now, on with the show!

Meet Abraham Snooty! He’s not really snooty, he’s kind of adorkable and nerdy, to be honest. However, since this is a Sim-Centric Legacy, I figured a name that involved being self-centered made sense. So, to carry the Sim-centricism to its greatest length, Abraham here is not only completely randomized in terms of aspiration (Family) and turn ons/turn offs (brown hair/blond hair and werewolves), he’s also chosen the way he looks.
I asked my partner to pick a number between one and ten (she chose 4) and then rolled the randomize dice in CAS that many times and this is what came out – the only change is his clothes, which are in the same nerdy style he popped out with, just not Maxis fug.

The first thing Abe does with his absolute free will is go play video games. I told you, he’s a complete geek. Also, Games are his One True Hobby, of course.

I’ve run the randomizer on ACR’s Gender Preferences now that the clean hood is populated, and Abe rolls Bi. Good, this doubles the chances of him finding a really great love match since he has also rolled a want to fall in love. I lock it and hold onto it for the right time.

Abe has the want to do research, which I’m sure has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that this very cute boy – whom Abe can’t take his eyes off of – is also researching. Uh huh.
Abe: I have no idea what you’re talking about. I care about my grades.
It’d help if you actually *looked* at the book you’re reading, then.
Abe: Oh. Um…shut up.

The boys look distracted and sort of sadfaced and I wonder why…

Cockblocker: I need to study too, this is awesome!
Boys: Um, no…GTFO, tbh.
They’re not very welcoming.

Uh oh. Abe has class, but while he does want to do homework and write his term paper, he has no desire to go to class or get on the dean’s list nor any fears that might translate to me being able to direct him to class. So he sits and continues to study. He does have to pee pretty bad, so hopefully he will autonomously stop studying in time to catch at least some of his class.

Yay! And that’s exactly what happens. Sure, he’ll come home and pee himself on the sidewalk, but at least he’s gone to class. Priorities!

Oh, rock on Abe. Creativity is one of the skills he needs for his major (undeclared since he hasn’t rolled a want to declare anything), so it’s lucky he picked this skill to autonomously do.

Thus far, despite really wanting to fall in love, Abe has shrugged and done the ‘Meh.” thing at every dormie he’s checked out. Which is all of them, I think. He has one bolt with the cockblocking girl, but this is a Sim-centric, settling for mediocre attraction just isn’t happening. So we’ll keep looking. It’s early yet.

I realize belatedly (not terribly, this is still day one) that I haven’t chosen his secondary aspiration and perks. A roll gives him Popularity, and I choose to spend his points:

Like this. I figure in college the most important of those things is slow needs decay. Though I don’t know about you, but whatever slowing the perks do is negligible, I’ve never noticed a difference at all.

While Abe sleeps off a ‘up till 5 am’ gaming session, this guy decides to wait for him to wake up.

Creeper: I can wait. I can wait as looooong as it takes.


Wow, took me a lot longer in college, but okay. History major it is!

Ahahahahaha. No.

I have him real quick declare before the want rolls away.
Abe: Can we at least discuss the possibility of –
Abe: But I love childr –
Abe: :(
Abe has clearly not yet grasped the fact that he will be doing this all on his own, no help from me.

Ahhh! The fear of academic probation rolls up and though I have the fall in love want locked, I decide this one’s more important, since it allows me to get him doing his homework and skilling. Plus, he’s a family sim, I’m sure falling in love will always be a want he rolls.
Abe: And children, can we talk about –

First skill up, logic.

Then, just as he’s finishing the point he needs for his major, the coach comes along and orders him to work out, which just so happens to be the next point he needs. Nice! I don’t have to bother telling him.
Abe: *whine whine* This is hard!
You think this is hard? Try having those 6 kids you want all on your own with no help. Now keep jogging, boy, this is a fucking cake walk!

I notice this dormie, Wedding Veil I call her thanks to the weird custom hair she popped into, out here just standing in a puddle of her own piss. For hours. I have no idea why. Everyone else is fine, free will is on high…weirdo.

Wedding Veil: help me

And then I find this chick asleep in Abe’s bed! Hey! >:(
Goldilocks: Mmmm, cozy, cozy bed.
Yes and every dorm room has the exact same bed. Go back to yours!

She does not, however and because of her my poor Abe has to nap on the couch all night. Look how miserable he is!
Abe: *dreams of a door with a lock*
If only you’d roll some kind of want/fear that would allow me to use a lock.

Then Redlocks, Goldilocks’ boyfriend coincidentally, comes along to watch some teevee…

Abe is super thrilled by this, as you can see.
My thoughts exactly.

Look, bitch, this is NOT YOUR ROOM. Get lost, oh my god. Unfortunately, Abe has no want to lock his room door, so there’s nothing I can do.

Now that Abe’s got his grade all maxed, there’s not really anything for me to do. Then I notice his fear of fire. Well, where do most fires happen, statistically? In the kitchen! What’s one way to bring down the risk of fires? Yup, learning to cook. So I lock the fire fear instead and send Abe to study cooking.

Then it’s off to his final exam. Good luck, Abe!

Woohoo! And he still has the handy fear of academic probation, so I relock it in order to allow me to have him study and do homework this semester.

The mail keeps coming, but Abe’s shown no interest (or fear) involved with paying his bills or not. So they sit there piling up until he does. Or until the repo man comes, whichever.

A handy fear of burning food lets me get him studying cooking, but the dormies keep the study area really filthy and Abe refuses to study in there. So I bought him his own little bookcase to study with in his room. It was either that or try to pick up after those slobs constantly, and this was the easiest route to help Abe not fulfill his fear.

He’s now happy as a clam studying in there…with Goldilocks sleeping in his fucking bed again. Ugh.

Srsly? What is so appealing about his shitty bed?

Don’t you glare at him like he’s invading your space, lady.

WHYYYYYY? Who are you even? Oh, Redlocks…he’s Goldilocks’ boyfriend so maybe she told him how awesome it is. Still, go away! Abe’s bed!

Oh boy, saw that coming. He takes a cafeteria table and that’s it. Whatevs. Abe pays no notice whatsoever.

Yes, I’m aware. Abe hasn’t so much as glanced at the mailbox yet, though, so the repo man will just have to keep coming until he does.

As if to make me feel bad for doubting his ability to be responsible, my favorite geek comes back from acing his Freshman final and NOTICES HE HAS BILLS! *pays them immediately* Thank you, Abe!

While Abe is at class, this dormie decides to, for no reason whatsoever, begin creeping everywhere. I am so confused.

Meanwhile, the chef has decided it’d be awesome to burn down the dorm. Fabulous!

Jesus h Christ, is there some kind of dormie law that they can’t put a book away ever? Seriously. Abe can’t use any of the common rooms because his environment drops him into red and he refuses to study even if he has a want to.

Direct plea means I can do something about it! So I hire a maid. Because it’s a continuing problem that one clean up isn’t going to fix. Whew.

It’s late though and Abe can’t wait for the maid to show tomorrow, so he autonomously starts to try and clean as best he can.

Meanwhile, there’s apparently a fucking party in Abe’s room. You know why? Because it’s the only room in the joint these dumb ass dormies haven’t completely trashed, so it has a high environmental score. Dude, GTFO.

And the party goes on even while Abe is sleeping. *facepalm*

Adorable freckly boy maid! With brown hair. Maybe Abe will like him! Oh…except Abe has zero romantic wants/fears, which means I can’t direct him to interact with the maid at all. Darn it. Oh well, he’ll come every day, Abe is bound to roll some love related wants soon.

Look, you little asshole, Abe just mopped up those puddles! Argh. This is never funny, why do they keep doing it?

So Games is totally Abe’s One True Hobby, remember? And he’s been playing this stupid dorm video game for at least 4 hours. And look, see the red arrow next to his fun bar! You know, Abe, if you don’t like that particular video game, there’s no rule that says you have to play it. Go play on your computer in your room, jeesh.
Instead he just keeps on playing and having a shitty time.

Sims 2 needs a kill button. That’s just all I’m saying.

And this is what happens when stinky dormies swarm Abe’s bed. He ends up forced to sleep in the barca lounger in the trashed common room. Poor guy. But he has rolled no wants or fears that might help me put a stop to it, so my hands are tied.

Mean ass cow spam!

Abe is pissed. And then he goes and rolls a want to be the cow’s friend. Ugh, no. Do not encourage that thing to be a part of our lives, kay?

I placate him by fulfilling the want he has to buy a 2000 dollar game. Fancy pool table, here we go. The dormies immediately flock. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hoping a few of them would die off because of playing this thing too much.

Abe: Booooooooored.
So go fill that want to gain another logic skill point.

He has a want to be friends with Goldilocks, so I send him to gossip, which turns into a flirt…which she likes, so okay.

Then he goes for a peck and….well, this happened.

Poor Abe. With the cheerleader and Redlocks to witness his shame.

I think we’ll end the chapter here, whilst Abe tries to salvage some of his dignity. Thanks for reading, see you next time!

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