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The Vainglorious Sim-Centric Legacy - Gen 2 Ch 2

Welcome back to the Vainglorious Sim-Centric Legacy! When last we left the clan, Aetheria was a teen and fantasizing about sucking the life juice from a hot firefighter. Get your minds out of the gutter, she just wanted to feed him to the cowplant and drink him! And now, back to our program!!

As always, warning for a couple of pixel nudie shots.

We start with Aetheria yet again trying her luck with sneaking out.

Unfortunately for her, Daddy’s on to her.

*Luckily* for her, she manages to slip into the car before Owen can get out there to stop her. Oooh, she’s in for it when she gets back!

He makes a run for the car, shouting after her, but the limo peels off. Lord, she is a sparkplug, isn’t she?

Sneaking back onto the lot isn’t going to do you any good, missy. Daddy knows you’re gone.

Aw crap. I have no rules for this. I figure it’s like aspiration rewards, not allowed since they won’t autonomously use it or roll wants for it. *sighs* What a waste of the genie lamp.

OMG they *do* roll wants to make wishes! Nice! Oh, and this is Aetheria getting ready to head off to college finally!

And off she goes with no one to wish her well. Owen’s sound asleep and didn’t stir. How loving of him. :(

And Calliope *just* missed her departure. Aww, sad!

Young Adult Aetheria! Looking just like her mother again. Time to do her once a lifestage makeover and *praying* she quickly rolls a want for new clothes.

And here she is, back to her green theme and studying cooking just like she asked to do. Now we wait for her to roll a want for a major.

Instead, she rolls two bolts for this dormie, named Pablo. Who is decent looking from the chest up.

From the chest down…cropped polo shirt? Not cute, buddy.

And then starts heartfarting for this guy, who looks a hell of a lot like her dad except lighter skinned and with PURPLE eyes! Oooh we like funky colored eyes, yes we do. His name is Vittorio. Aetheria likes them exotic, I guess. I also think it’s safe to say that Aetheria will not be nearly so hard to find a mate as her mother was.

In an attempt to see which of the three boy dormies she likes best (she has two bolts for each and a want to flirt, so I figure best to find the right guy to flirt with), I have them all three gather in one room and have Aetheria scope to see which she’s into most. But Pablo here is apparently gayer than a three dollar bill, because that’s Reece, one of the other boys Aetheria likes, that Pablo’s heartfarting over (whilst attempting to meld with him, apparently). Oops.

And of course, Pablo is the one she likes best. Honey, he sparkles, he uses more hair product than you and he will not have sex with you. He’s not a vampire, he’s gay. Or, well, bi. I checked his stats in ACR and he’s bisexual. So maybe she could have him.

Finally she rolls up a want for declaring a major. Poli Sci just like her mom.

Autonomous flirting! (and salmon colored shirt girl is totally photobombing my great shot)

And more flirting!

And making out! I do believe Aetheria’s chosen her mate. And he seems a-ok with it, despite still sometimes heart farting over that guy Reece. Alrighty then, Aetheria, you can have him. Pablo it is.


Wow, she’s beautiful. I’ll have to keep her in mind for future generations.

It’s hard to tell cause I couldn’t get a good shot, but instead of worrying for her poor, passed out boyfriend, Aetheria just laughed her ass off. That one nice point rearing its ugly head again.

And now – Aetheria video game picspam! :

I heart her so very much lol.

Someone (I missed who) knocked over our trashcan. Luckily, a want to meet someone new let me send Aetheria outside where she and her many neat points picked up the trash autonomously before we got bugs. Phew!

Her lovah Pablo comes out to mack on her and promptly falls head over arse for our lovely green heiress.

Who promptly falls for him right back. Aww, yay!

For absolutely no reason, Aetheria develops a burning dislike of Vittorio. I have no idea why. She was *just* downstairs talking to him and they were *plus plus* all over the place. Then he went to bed and poof, she hates him. I have no idea wtf her issue is.

Note the time as Aetheria smashes out a beatless tune on the drums in the dorm. I swear, I’m having flashbacks to my (blessedly brief) time in the University of Arizona dorms.

And in the middle of serenading us all with her tone-deaf musical ‘abilities’, Aetheria rolls a fear that makes me squee. Fearing being rejected means I can lock that and direct her to do all kinds of romantic interactions in order to ensure that when she *does* propose, she won’t be rejected. Woohoo, we have our Gen 2 spouse locked in.

Have I mentioned that our dormitory cook is named Thyme? Sometimes my name replacement hack is freaking awesome.

So I notice Aetheria sitting here nekkid and think “Oh, finally, she and Pablo have decided to ACR some sexxing.”

THAT?? Is NOT Pablo! OMG Aetheria U HOR, what are you doing?? Pablo is just downstairs, if she and Vittorio fuck it’ll ruin her relationship with Pablo and I CAN’T STOP HER!!

By some stroke of the Sim gods, Vittorio puts a stop to it, due to having to go to class. That, my friends, was a ridiculously close call!

Yet again, my name replacement file rocks. LOL

Aetheria has a want to go on a date, so I send her downtown to call Pablo out. Since they live on the same lot, I didn’t want the date to get interrupted by him having to go to class or vice versa.

And they weren’t five seconds into the date when they both wanted to have their first woohoo together, so into the changing room they go. How very romantical.

Everybody’s always so creepily into public woohooing. o_O

HAHAHA! That’s what you get for going back for a second round of public woohoo!

Back at the dorm, Aetheria passes her Sophomore year and it’s time for the reroll. Oh boy. Wish me luck!

*introduces my face to my desk*

And now the only guy she has more than one bolt for is this guy, who she met once, and since my goal with the Simcentric is to give them what they want, that means the highest chemistry possible. So I get to drop Pablo and build up her relationship with…Edgar. Oh rapture and joy.

And since I am now ridiculously annoyed, here is where I’ll leave this chapter. See you next time, when I attempt to build a relationship from nothing before she graduates and also try not to make a lifelong enemy in Pablo, the jilted.

Thanks for reading!

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