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Adam Lambert Sim

I haven't done anything here in a trillion years, I know, but I was super happy with a sim I made yesterday and thought I'd stick it up here either to share or just to keep for myself in case I ever lose my game/saved folders etc. Stuff happens.

So, without further ado, I present my version of Adam Lambert, circa November 2011 (I used a pic of him from the 2011 EMAs as the model for it):

You can download him off the Exchange, here: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=5274506

I attempted to upload to mediafire but it apparently doesn't like me. I dunno, sorry.

He's 99% EAxis content, the only custom on him is the freckled skin made by Miss Skitty: http://missskittycc.livejournal.com/6132.html and the eyeshadow by BabyBee: http://www.digitalperversion.net/gardenofshadows/index.php?topic=14210.0

I did use Jonha's sliders, so I wouldn't attempt tweaking his face unless you have those sliders in your game. No idea what would happen with other sliders like Awesomemod's or something. Tweak at your own risk.

Also, I have all the EP's and most of the SP's, so if you don't he might not look the same as far as hair and clothes/traits/LTW etc. I really don't know what happens if you download a sim with EA content you don't have, but suffice to say it's at your own risk. I have everything except Fast Lane Stuff, Outdoor Living Stuff and Town Life Stuff.

I'd recommend keeping his info as I input it. In case things go wrong and that stuff doesn't carry through the packaging, his traits are: Diva, Charismatic, Ambitious, Star Quality and Flirty. His LTW is to be a Vocal Legend. His sign is Aquarius, his fave food is sushi, his fave music is Pop and his fave color is black. So there you go.

I doubt anyone will even see this, since I've been gone so long from the fandom, but maybe a handful will get their hands on him. All I ask is that you not claim you made him. I was up till 2 am working on this sim, so just don't claim him as your own. I'm attempting to make Sauli, his boyfriend, but man, the pudding face does not like boys with super angular, chiseled features. :/
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