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The Vainglorious Sim-Centric Legacy: Gen 2 Ch 1

Welcome back! My apologies for not getting this up on Wednesday, I’ve been under the weather the past few days. Mea culpa!

When last we left the Vainglorious clan, they were loving all over each other and being freaking cute. That, my friends, is a thing of the past. :/ Welcome to the real world, the honeymoon has definitely worn off!

Warnings for a couple instances of pixelated nudity.

Starting us off this update is the unprecedented terror that is the Nanny. She especially frightens me because I can do nothing, nor direct anyone to do anything, should she go nuts. *chews nails*

I somehow managed to miss both someone kicking over the trashcan *and* someone taking the bills out of the mailbox. They’re a lovely shade of red so I wake Calliope up (since Owen is cramming for a cleaning point before work) and send her to pay them. I hope she might autonomously clean up the trash mess while she’s at it before we get bugs.

Aw fuck. Too late. Damn damn damn.

Unfortunately, Calliope’s carpool shows up as she’s paying the bills, meaning she won’t have a chance to autonomously pick up that trash. Crapdoodle!

Already the nanny is failing at her sole job, and Aetheria’s parents aren’t even off the lot yet. This is going to go over splendidly, I can just tell.

And she’s a lush. Classic.

Oh thank you Calliope! An environment tantrum outside right where the trash and bugs are tells me she wants it taken care of so I direct her to pick up the can and trash and call an exterminator. Fucking win, for once, from her!

While Calliope is skilling on charisma and Aetheria is sleeping, Owen heads downtown, per a want of his, to buy new clothes. Even though I already purchased clothes for him and Calliope for their elder years, I don’t have any custom stuff in the dresser for when Aetheria ages up and I don’t want her stuck in Maxis crap, so Owen’s off to Cold Issue to buy her some cute stuff.

Oh my god, there *is* a male townie wearing a hat in the game! I’ve never seen him before. Oops. Well, Owen wins anyway. And I just realized his burglar cap probably counts as a hat for Calliope’s turn on.

Damn, kids are expensive. When he left the house they had 4k in the bank. Now, having bought Aetheria clothes for every age stage in every category, they’re down to a measly 200 simoleans. Yet another reason I’m glad I haven’t got any (kids, that is).

I’ve decided green is going to be Aetheria’s color scheme (I’m not doing a rainbow, but I just like themes of some kind), so Owen gives her a wee makeover. :D

Owen brought the hat guy home from work! And a promotion to recoup all that fundage he spent on the kidlet’s wardrobe. Keep on winning, Owen, for reals.

Despite having guests, Owen and Calliope decide it’s totes the perfect time to shag. I was worried they’d try for baby, but nope, just woohoo. Phew. I’ve already decided Aetheria is heir, so another baby would be a waste.

Apologies for the craptastic shot, she picked an inconvenient spot to grow up.

What the…? I totally changed her hair, how did it revert to Calliope’s? Ah well, I can change it again this lifestage. Yay Aetheria, she’s so cute. XD

She rolled a want for a lemonade stand (it’s the dead of winter)

And a video game system. She now wants to sell lemonade. Not only is it the dead of winter, it’s also 4 am. I’m going to have to let that want pass, honey.

Aetheria rolled a want for something from the ‘Game’ tab, so I bought her a little playground in the backyard. Spoiled much? In hindsight it should be green to match her color theme but oh well!

Aetheria missed her first day of school, sleeping right through it. Oops. Well, she had no wants or fears for it so I couldn’t do anything. Calliope’s rolled a want for Aetheria to get into private school so we’ll be trying that tonight.

Does that expression look familiar at all? (hint) Oh Aetheria, you’re awesome. Please don’t be as frustrating as your mom. Also, this is Aetheria’s makeover post-turning child. I like this hair on her, it goes with her eyes better than the neon version. :)

She rolls a want for an A+ report card so I lock it. This way I can direct her to do homework and go to school and all that good stuff.

It’s here that I realize the nanny isn’t coming because the nanny thinks Aetheria is at school. So when Owen has to leave for work I freak and then remember I can direct Aetheria to walk to school based on her want for an A+, so put those crackers down, young lady, and get to school. They’ll feed you there.

!!!!!!! CALLIOPE!! Don’t you dare! In front of the child?? OMG you HOR! Oh, oh thank god, it dropped out of her queue before she could do it. OMG don’t you try that again, young lady. Thank god for the guy getting hung up on the hilly terrain (why oh why do they lose their minds over a tiny bit of lump in the yard and act like they can’t possibly be arsed to step over it??).

Before leaving for school, Aetheria left us this little gift. Rapture. I can only hope somebody rolls the want for a repairman or throws an environment fit in the bathroom soon, or else we’re stuck with that broken tub.

Sometimes I’m really good at this, sometimes I fail. Hopefully I don’t fail because everyone has a fear of Aetheria not getting in…

So far so good. He liked the food and Calliope’s served him espresso. A quick tour afterwards should cover it.


Aww, she looks so cute in her little uniform. *heart*

Uh ohs. I roll for it (I always roll a 6 sided die for chance cards, 1-3 = the first choice, 4-6 = the second. She rolls a five, so we pick Guilty. *holds breath*


A couple seconds later Owen decided to try his hand at the chance card game. He rolls a 3 so we go with the Flash bang…

Holy shit yay! These points are super handy for them both because they’re the higher end of the scale that they need now and with no thinking cap the points for promotions take forever at this level. So awesome, all they need to do now is focus on friends and both have the skills they need for topping their careers.

Owen *finally* threw a fit about the bathroom so I could direct him to fix the tub. He’s got no mechanical points, though, so this should be interesting.

Have I mentioned you rock lately, owen?

Aetheria wants to sell lemonade, so I direct Calliope to buy some. Awww. She’s not such a bad mommy.

The crazy bitch wants me to spend 9500 bucks on a glorified hot tub she’ll probably never use. Ohhh, I am so reluctant to do that. *winces* Fine. In the spirit of the challenge I’ll do it, but damn. Stupid girl.

CHILD! Why won’t you sleep in *your* bed?! You have a beautiful bed, in a beautiful room I kind of stretched the rules to give you…

Like so. (stretching in terms of the wall hangings. She didn’t want them, Calliope did (well, Calliope wanted *one*), but I bought several and put them in Aetheria’s room to make it pretty for her). Ungrateful brat.

Owen does not have the cast iron stomach Calliope does and a single bite of a rotten grilled cheese does him in. Poor Owen, if he’d waited five more minutes the omelets Calliope is making would have been done.

Poor Owen. I can only hope he gets enough comfort and rest on his own to get healthy, since I can’t direct him.

Aetheria’s pretty good at selling her lemonade, she’s constantly rolling wants to sell some. I think she may be a fortune sim in the making just like her parents.

Aetheria wants a puppy. And since it’s my opinion that puppies need backyards to run and play in, I get to fence in all their stuff back there, minus a gate, which has the dual purpose of protecting stuff from getting stolen, which Owen has a fear of.

So, meet Athena. Who is a doofus, neither lazy nor hyper, a pigpen, friendly and cowardly.

And whose bowl is bigger than she is. She’s a small breed, but I’m not sure what kind, it didn’t say. I guess we’ll find out when she grows up. I never play with pets, so this should be interesting. Per the rules, the family can fulfill Athena’s basic needs like food and bathing and stuff, but anything extra like a bed or training her or teaching her tricks is entirely up to them wanting to do so.

No one’s paying any attention to Athena and she decides to protest that by peeing on Aetheria’s rug. Fabulous. *sigh* The kid wanted the puppy and then promptly ignores her completely. Isn’t that just like a kid?

The toilet’s clogged and I was worrying about never being able to fix it when Calliope helpfully rolls up a want for a repairman. Nice! She’s getting more and more useful as the days go by.

Alrighty, time for Aetheria to become a teen. Please roll something good, honey.

She looks *just* like her mom. I’ll be changing her look here in a minute. But first…the roll. DUN DUN DUN!

Okay, well…not bad. Popularity, likes blondes who are good at cleaning and doesn’t like brunettes. It could have been worse. *gives Calliope a significant look*

Makeover! No one’s rolled a want for Aetheria to go to college yet, but they are rolling wants for her to get a scholarship. I don’t think she’ll get any but the A+ scholarship.

Chance card WIN! Very nice, Calliope!

I just happened to take a look at Aetheria’s personality. LOL, she’s going to be fun to play. I love mean sims!

A want for a drum kit…well, at least it’s outside where it can’t annoy anybody.

Now, this could be interesting. I’ve only had a sim want to sneak out once and that was forever ago. I don’t really remember how it works, so let’s see what happens.

It totally worked! Now let’s hope she doesn’t get brought home by the cops!

Oh sure, NOW you start worrying about getting in trouble. Too late, young lady, you’re on your own now.

Meanwhile, like the attentive parents they are, Calliope and Owen get down to the sexxin’, oblivious to their teenage daughter’s delinquency.


Hey now, this is not my fault, young lady. You’re the one who got herself caught by the Po-Po.

Oh the sulk as Calliope lectures her, head hangy and everything.

All the while with a fresh want to sneak out again. Girl…you’re gonna be trouble, aren’t you?

Headtilt. Just because I thought it was funny and reminds me of my kitty when she’s confuzzled.

Oooh, this is one of the big money/get fired ones. *rolls die and crosses fingers*

YAY! 30 grand chaching!

Doggie birthday time!

Athena’s all grown up! And appears to be…I dunno, maybe a bulldog mix?

Aetheria has a want to be Athena’s master, so I can direct her to do lots of positive interactions with the doggie.

What, no leash laws for taking your dog for a walk on Cavalier Island? Not cool, Aetheria.

*facepalm* For god’s sake, Calliope, you have almost maxed cooking!

Oooh, but it brings a blond firefighter and Aetheria likes blonds. Let’s see if she can tip him and maybe like him.

Unfortunately before she gets inside to tip him, he’s leaving. This is the look of a girl who likes what she sees, imo. :D We’ll keep him in mind, perhaps a fake alarm to the fire dept is in order. Aetheria doesn’t have a want to meet anyone romantically yet, so I can’t now, but maybe later.

Aetheria has zero interest in schoolwork. She’s not shown any interest in college. If this keeps up she won’t be going at all.

And then, not five minutes later, as if to prove me wrong…she starts wanting to go to college. Well, then, young lady, you’ll need to get your grades up so go do your homework.

Well…Aetheria wants to meet someone new. Who’s to say it can’t be the blond fireman?

Not the best start to a relationship, but now they know each other and who knows?

WHAT??? She wants to *drink* him?? So Aetheria's a forward kind of teenager. Ahem. An auspicious start to their potential relationship, to say the least.

So that’s where we’ll leave this one. Next chapter Aetheria will be heading to college and searching for a mate of her own. Hope you guys enjoyed reading!!

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