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The Vainglorious Sim-Centric Legacy - Gen 1 Ch 3

Welcome back to The Vainglorious Sim-Centric Legacy! When last we left Calliope Vainglorious, she was just about to finish college, dying to marry the only guy she ever met she could tolerate, and was *still* driving me to drink! /recap.

Minor warning for a couple shots of nudity.

And so we begin Chapter Three with Calliope reminding everyone that not only is she possibly the most stubborn sim ever to exist, she’s also fairly disgusting. Awesome. Welcome back, guys!

I very rarely let my sims run around on free will, so I had no idea they would autonomously do homework in college. I love learning new things about this silly game, even five years later. :)

Okay, I don’t even know, now. I think she just really likes rotten pancakes. She never touches any other rotten food, just the pancakes. And she gets this happy little smile on her face when she sits down to nom them. She never gets sick, either. You’re *so* weird, Calliope.

Yay graduation day! Thank god, I am sick to death of dormies. *bounces. Time to move her back to the…wait. She has no want to move back to the neighborhood. Shit. Do I have to wait until they force her? Three more days?! Oh Oh, no wait. She wants to get engaged to Owen, which I said couldn’t happen until she goes home to the main neighborhood. So I can send her home now. Phew!

Here we go, pop into something cute, Calliope, or else immediately roll a want for new clothes.

Oh, well that’s not bad. Kinda boring but not fug. Cool. Alright, see you all at the main neighborhood lot!

Well, here we are. So far, this is all Calliope has wanted to buy. She’s got good taste at least, a Jeep is classic win.

As if she heard me, she not only rolls some wants for basic necessities, she rolls the wonderful fear of having something stolen, which means I can build her a shack and buy her an alarm. Rock on, Calliope!

This is all she could afford. BUT! She wants to get engaged, so we’re going to call Owen up, invite him over, and hope he brings some decent money with him. *fingers crossed*

So Calliope invites him over and I quickly lock her fear of burning food. Because if she’s afraid of burning it, that means she wants to cook it well. And in order to cook well, she needs a kitchen proper. So we’ll hold that fear until we see if Owen brings enough money to purchase a counters and such. She already has a stove from when she bought one in college.

Hi Owen! Here we go!

Yay he said yes!

And just as expected, she immediately rolls the want to marry him. So she does!

Owen brings a decent chunk of change AND…

Yes! Baby coming right up! But first, a bit of floor and wallpaper, something I’ve decided is in the same realm as lights, where it doesn’t truly affect them one way or the other, and is okay for players to buy purely for aesthetics. I also placed everything she’d rolled wants for and bought in college, along with anything Owen brought in his inventory, which required a bigger house already (otherwise stuff wouldn’t be protected from being stolen, which they both have fears of). So they have a living room, a kitchen/dining room, and a bedroom. The bed came because Calliope wants to have a baby and you need someplace to woohoo for that. :)

And they immediately autonomously go to do that. And hey look, Owen’s a redhead under his burglar cap. I love gingers!

First try (autonomous) and we have lullaby. Now I have a dilemma. I built them their house and bought Calliope all the stuff she wanted, and now they have five bucks to their name and no one has a job! But, Owen does have a want to earn some money, so I can use that to direct him to look for a job and start bringing in some fundage.

Owen wants to be a Prestbinibdidigator. O_O Whatever that is. While I’m not trying to fulfill lifetime wants, Owen needs a job, any job, so if it happens to come up, I’ll let him take the…what is that, magician career? There’s a magician career? WTF, did I accidentally download some custom career or something? Ah no, my BFF tells me there’s an entertainment career. Ahh. Okies.

Well, that career didn’t come up, but Law Enforcement did and it kind of tickles me to have the former burglar change his stripes and become a cop, so I had him take it. Plus it pays the most. Unfortunately it doesn’t start until tomorrow.

So, with nothing really for me to direct them to do, they’re left to free will and decide to play mahjong. Aww, Owen’s telling her he loves her.

They even have matching One True Hobbies!

Pop! And ew, you should see their gross toilet. She’s puked about half a dozen times so far today. This is going to be great fun. Except, you know...not.

Well thank god, Owen. With the baby coming we need to have monies to buy stuff it needs. Plus Calliope keeps rolling wants to learn skill points so we need a bookcase.

He starts to go inside to lay down when I realize ‘Hey, he wants to earn more money…and lookie there, his promotion fell so that he can go back to work today!’ Cha ching. Sorry, Owen, no rest for the sim-centric. Off to work you go!

I swear to god, I’m not even making this up, the bitch is crazy. Sitting here blogging about games like she wanted to, she rolls up a want to eat pancakes. Middle of the evening, though, no pancakes allowed to be cooked. Until I hear, at that same moment, the sudden sound of flies.

Yep, you guessed it. Rotten pancakes left from this morning. Just went rotten at the same moment she rolled the want to eat them. Coincidence? I think not!

Well, who am I to deny her?

Yay Owen! And now he wants a body skill point, because that’s what he needs for his next promotion. Oh, he is going to be so easy! Thank god, after the last 8 semesters of hell Calliope put me through.

Oh god bless fortune sims! They always want to upgrade to better stuff so you’re never stuck with crap. I just have to be sure to leave enough aside for the crib the baby will need.

Because Owen wants a body skill point, they get a radio. I’d normally buy him a workout machine but with the baby coming and Calliope’s shopping spree last night, they can’t afford it. I also decide turning the radio on and changing the station is another thing that doesn’t really affect them and is more for the player than anything. Because I want to listen to my Adam Lambert and Maroon 5 custom station. :D

Thank god. After getting his body point, Owen rolls the want for new clothes. So, off we go to the store to buy them!

Back at the house with clothes in hand (for himself and Calliope, whose makeover I’ll do after the baby is born), Owen cleans up super nice. Very handsome. :) And I find while normally the super light eyes on dark skinned sims looks strange to me, it really works for him. Very nice.

Baby coming!

And at this point I realize that I haven’t checked to see if it’s one or two. Oh please be just one…

It’s a girl! Welcome Aetheria Vainglorious. I decide that since Calliope’s name is from mythology, I’d keep with the mythological trend. Aetheria, in myth, is one of the Heliades, daughter of Apollo and Clymene, and sister of Phaethon. Our Aetheria has Calliope’s skin and eyes and possibly her hair too (the brows are blond, which throws me because the ones that come with Calliope’s hair are black. Hmm. We shall see when she gets older.)

A closer look. :) Let’s hope she has Calliope’s elf ears (I know, you didn’t know she had those, did you? They’re hidden by her hair lol.)

And of course Calliope doesn’t roll a single useful want for the kid.

Owen, however, helpfully wants a crib and changing table, so thank you Owen, for giving a shit about your offspring. My stupid little pixel girl can’t be bothered.

Owen kind of rocks.

Now that the baby’s born, I give Calliope her once-a-lifestage makeover. She gets a new hair color, makeup to match and clothes to match. Cause I like matchy-matchy no matter what all the other makeup gurus say. :D

A closer look. I think she looks awesome!

Calliope finally rolls a want for a job. Let’s see what’s available. She has a lifetime want to top architecture so even though it doesn’t really matter because I’m not aiming to fulfill the LTW, if it comes up by chance, I’ll let her have it.

Instead Politics rolls up and since her major *was* PoliSci, I decide she should take that one. It pays better than any of the other options.

Since she has wants both to go to work and to get a promotion, I’m able to have Calliope call for a nanny, since she obviously can’t leave the baby home alone. I have the nanny ‘track schedule’ so she’ll come every day now.

Oh! Birthday time!

Awwww! She’s super cute! And I do believe those are elf ears hiding behind her pigtails!

And now…Aetheria rocking out to Maroon 5 spam!


Heeeee! They are srsly the cutest family. Just autonomously loving all over each other. The girls are letting Daddy sleep in here, but I guarantee as soon as he wakes up he’ll join the lovefest.

See? What’d I tell you? Lovefest, I tell you what. *hearts*

This is a good spot to stop for this update, tune in next time as Calliope starts work, Aetheria continues to be ridiculously cute and Owen continues to just win all around. Thanks for reading!

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