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The Vainglorious Sim-Centric Legacy - Gen 1 Ch. 2

Welcome back to The Vainglorious Sim-Centric Legacy! I've decided I'll be updating once a week on Wednesdays, just so you guys know when to expect the next update. I'm playing tons, so I'm collecting a nice backlist of updates to keep things regular even if I get busy for a bit and can't play much. Good plan, I hope!

Anyhow, when last we left Calliope Vainglorious, she was having a hell of a time meeting a guy she felt more than lukewarm about, and generally driving me to drink. Lucky for her I like playing contrary sims. /recap On with the update!

To start us off, thank freaking god, Calliope has decided to finally notice, on her sixth day in Uni, that there are bills to be paid! Hallelujah!

The cafeteria has become a favorite napping spot for the dormies. I have nouniprotect in my game so I’m fully expecting at some point for some of these guys to end up Reaper fodder. Dumb as a box of hair, most of them.

She’s constantly rolling up wants to go on dates, but they’re all non-specific because she’s found no one she’s remotely enthusiastic about. *sigh* I try every walkby and she still just shrugs. There has to be *someone* who’ll light her fire, so to speak.

Calliope does what all college kids do, and rolls a want for a bong bubble blower.

Duh, of course I buy her one! I was very good friends with my own…bubble blower in college. XD

And, again like any good college kid, she immediately starts jonesing to blow. *snickers like a teenager*

I can pretty much guarantee the dormies are gonna start dropping like flies with this thing in the house. They’ll sit there and ‘blow bubbles’ until they die of starvation.

Calliope and her fear of getting on academic probation lets me tell her to leave it alone and come do her term paper. God bless that fear, she rolls it at the beginning of every semester now which lets me get her the skill points she needs and jack up her grade with lots of studying, leaving her with the second half of the semester for whatever else she wants. Which seems to mostly be turning her little nose up at every man in sight.

I wish she’d roll a want for a better bed or, like, throw a comfort tantrum so I could upgrade her. She gets no good rest in this shitty thing. But, until she decides she’s had enough, my hands are tied.

NOW she wants to influence someone to finish her paper. It’s all but 5% done already! I guess she just doesn’t want to do up the conclusion and the bibliography? Fine, if I can find a dormie who isn’t on the verge of death.

We pick this girl, who just woke up and has eaten and pottied already. Hopefully she’s got enough in her to finish the paper before wandering off to blow bubbles or something.

Just before class, Calliope decides a community lot is just the thing. Um, Calliope? You do know they don’t have bubble blowers downtown, right? Okay, then. I think she’s kind of hoping the right guy will show up, too. I think she’s getting lonely. :(

Unfortunately, by the time she got back from class, the want had rolled away so I can’t take her now unless she wants to go again later. Damn.

A wonderful fear of the repo man allows me to make Calliope pay the bills again. If she keeps this up we might not get anything else repossessed. All those who believe the likelihood of that say “Aye.” *conspicuous silence* I thought not.

Hold the phone!! What’s this?? Not bills after all, but a LOVE NOTE!! From whoooooo????

What?? It’s a Thanks for the fun note, not a love note. Then why was it all pink and flowery and stuff? I’m assuming it’s from the guy she went on her sole date with. You remember, the one where she spent most of the date freestyling and their only interaction was red hands and a single dance? Yeah. I don’t even know wtf this note is about. Weeeeird!

A fear of burning food is a pretty valid fear, considering Calliope only has one cooking point, so I decide that fear means she wants to get better at cooking so it doesn’t happen. Off to the bookshelf to skill! You’ll also notice she’s got a fairly high grade bar, so I’ve locked her want of getting on the Dean’s list and will no longer be directing her to do anything school related this semester unless she wants it, since now all she needs to do is go to class in order to finish maxing her grade.

Oh my, cooking hobby guy is hot. And has black hair. Oooh… *lightbulb*

And look what Calliope rolled up not two hours later? I think we need to make a trip to the cooking hobby lot so she can win herself a cooking competition and get past this fear. Don’t you? *cheeky grin* (she’s been studying cooking a lot thanks to her fears of burning food, so she has a very good chance of winning. I wouldn’t send her if I thought her fear would be realized.)

O_O What is this?? What *is* this?? Not just that someone kicked over her trashcan, but…where the fucking hell is the trash that goes in it???

No time to wonder, though, we’re off to Sue’s kitchen to meet the hottie win a cooking competition!

Noommmmm. Lime seared prawns. For real, this always makes me hungry irl. I love shrimp/prawns/shellfish in general.

Whut?? Are you really? In the *toaster oven*, Calliope? When there’s a beautiful state of the art convection oven behind you? If you lose it is your own fault, not mine. I have no clue why you would do this!!

In all seriousness, you should have seen my living room as this happened. My best friend sitting at her desk playing her Sims game, me telling her across the room about Calliope’s idiot toaster oven decision, and then THIS. My best friend nearly fell out of her chair. She’s still over there giggling at me as I curse and snark at my computer and the stupid little pixel girl who thought a toaster oven was totes a good idea for a cooking contest dish. *facedesks*

Oh no, no you’re not. Let’s try something else for the contest instead.

How about pork chops? Can we avoid the toaster oven this time, you stupid, stupid girl?


AND THEN!! A nap? Really? While your contest food is cooking? You’re not even super tired! You know, young lady, if I wasn’t bound by the rules to never *purposely* fulfill your fears, I’d make you enter that bullshit in the contest JUST to teach you a lesson. Fuck this, get your pork chops, meet the hottie and go home.

And then, as if to say “Fuck you, too”, she pulls out a perfectly cooked plate of pork chops. Okay then. Enter them. Let’s see what happens, they look good. *fingers crossed*

Uh oh. The hottie made lobster. I think she’s gonna get creamed. At least she can meet him?

And, um…then there’s toasted cheese guy and a girl in a bug gut splattered uniform. I’m pretty sure it’s between Calliope and the hottie for this one. *chews nails*

Damn! I thought so. Shit. I’m sorry, Calliope. :(

Calliope is pissed. Hottie is sheepish. Maybe he feels guilty. Let’s meet him, Calliope. You have a fear of being rejected for a date, which means you want to be accepted for one, so let’s see if this guy is someone you’d actually want to date, Miss Picky.

Fucking hell, Calliope.

Bedtime. Apparently failing so hard is a lot of work and exhausts the poor thing.

She wakes up with a plethora of romantic wants. Yes, Calliope, I would be *happy* to fulfill those wants. If you would just FIND SOMEONE YOU LIKE! I have a possible solution. I’ve never played sim-centric in college before so I’ve been thinking about the sophomore reroll. If I’m allowing myself to reroll her aspiration and secondary aspiration, why can’t I reroll her turn ons and turn offs? She doesn’t like ANYONE, which is in a way her telling me she isn’t satisfied with the turn ons she has, since even with bolts with someone she doesn’t actually like them. So, I think I’m going to let myself reroll her turn ons and turn off as well. Her final is in five hours, so hopefully she’ll roll something better that will find her a mate she feels more than lukewarm about.

HEY!! Wait a minute, asshole, she totally paid her bills! Um…oh, wait, was that more than a few days ago? It might have been. Well shit.

Alright, here we go, time to roll.

Well, one thing good happened. She rolled fortune and not romance or popularity. BUT WHAT THE FUCKING HELL ARE THOSE TURN ONS AND TURN OFFS, YOUNG LADY???? /capslock raeg

I am never going to find a mate for her!

In better news, her secondary aspiration rerolled as ‘Your choice’ in the program I use, so I chose family. So she’s now a handy mix of money and career wants and family and kids wants. That should make continuing the legacy nice and easy…if she’d ever find a freaking mate.

Hats and lycanthropy. Srsly. Two things NEVER present in the general male townie population. I’ve never even had a werewolf in my game, ever. She could not have rolled worse. I am also so not surprised by this.

Oh, here’s the lifetime point perks I chose for her.

She wakes up yet again with a panel full of romantic wants, so I lock the kiss one as an excuse to take her back downtown and see if, by some stroke of luck, her new turn ons and turn off might light some poor loser up so she can kiss him and marry him.

The lady in the hat is my game taunting me. Yes, game, I am aware there’s a lady in a hat townie, and if my girl was a lesbian we’d have hit the jackpot right now. But she’s not so shut the fuck up, thx.

Hmmm…there’s a matchmaker on the lot. Do you suppose her desire to find someone to be romantic with extends to paying for it? The matchmaker is so iffy, she rarely gives actual 3 bolt matches no matter how much you pay. It can’t hurt though, Calliope *really* wants to meet someone she likes.

Crap. Of course. The only interaction available with the matchmaker on this lot is dismiss. Fabulous.

O_O That guy Trevor she went on the one lame date with shows up and this is how they greet each other. She’s scoped him and he still doesn’t light up, though. Shit, I’m beginning to wonder if I might have a glitch. Or else she’s just ornery. I’d wager the latter.

Holy shit she’s heartfarting! This is actually back on her lot. This guy did a walkby at the park but I managed to miss it, stupid camera controls. So I had her invite him over to the dorm and yeah, as you can see Calliope has found her intended. Only two bolts, but she’s heartfarting for the first time in her life and I’ll take it!! His name is Owen.

Also? I have semi-invisible dormies. Need to go find the hack that fixes that.

Calliope wants to go on a date with someone specific!! Holy hell, I think we’ve met her match, Batman!

And since Owen’s here blowing bubbles with some unnamed dormie slattern (I watch too much True Blood, clearly), I send Calliope to break it up and ask him on a date.

Phwee! He’s a fortune sim, too. Easy peasy to keep happy and always good for rapid influx of cash into a new legacy!

Late for class, but who cares, she’s got a dream date!

Ewwww, Calliope! There’s a whole counter top full of freshly cooked food in the cafeteria! Those pancakes have been sitting there for three days, no lie. But she did it autonomously, she has no fear of getting sick, so I can’t stop her. Gross, though.

Having finished her term paper for her second semester of junior year, Calliope decides it’s time to start buying stuff. I’m actually really okay with this, because per the rules, anything she rolls wants for and buys during her college years gets to come back to her new home lot with her when she graduates, so she’ll have some decent stuff to start out.

First up (besides the bong bubble blower from last chapter) is a nice living room chair and a game. I chose a mahjong table as the game, because they play it autonomously, it’s for four sims and it’s great for letting them autonomously build fun and close family relationships. Call me dumb, but I like my sim families to be really close, so this will help that since I can’t direct them to interact.

Calliope is now halfway through her senior year (not much has been happening and I *am* trying to cut down on my excessive picture taking) and she hadn’t seen Owen in almost two semesters so I was beginning to worry about their relationship. Then she conveniently rolled up two minor fears regarding him so I was able to invite him over so she could have a good conversation with him and not be rejected for appreciate with him. I’ve noticed if sims don’t spend time with other sims they stop rolling wants and fears for them so while normally I might ignore those teeny, pointless fears, I wanted to remind her how much she likes him so when she graduates she rolls wants for him back home. I like to plan ahead lol. It was hard enough just finding someone she liked, I’m not about to risk her not rolling appropriate wants for him later on!

Owen’s in love! Calliope’s not yet. Of course. Stubborn.

There we go!! Yay!

And then, upon returning from her second to last final exam, Calliope rolls the most important want of all. Yay!! *locks* I won’t be doing that until she gets back to the main neighborhood, though, because then she’ll roll a want to get married, then for a baby and so on and so forth, continuing the legacy! :)

And that’s a good spot to stop for this update! Thanks for reading, and when we come back it’ll be time for Calliope to graduate and start her life. Oh the adventures, I’m sure, with a Sim as hard-headed as Calliope. Till next time!

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