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The Vainglorious Sim-Centric Legacy - Gen. 1 Ch. 1

Welcome to the Vainglorious Sim-Centric Legacy! In this legacy the only thing that matters, the only thing that counts, is what Sims want. I’m not allowed to do *anything*, and I do mean anything, without their permission first.

You can find the full rules (written by me!) explaining this variation of the Legacy Challenge here: http://fae-sims.livejournal.com/15495.html

Just as an aside, I’m trying a new way of playing this time, to curb my procrastination. Instead of playing and capping then captioning later, I’m playing in windowed mode so, as I take the screencaps, I can write the captions in a word document right then. It’s working really good so far, so I’m hoping that will squash the constant “Ugh do not want to caption, let’s start a new Legacy instead!” habit lol. Alright then, here we go!

Meet Calliope Vainglorious. Vainglorious is, of course, a synonym for conceit, and since this legacy is all about Calliope and her every lame wish and silly demand, it seemed appropriate. Calliope is a Pleasure Sim (joy, rapture), Libra, turned on by black hair and jewelry, turned off by fatness. Wants 50 1st dates (Hahahaha. No.), but that will be changing when I roll at the end of sophomore year, hopefully. For the moment her secondary aspiration is Fortune, which should also change come the reroll. For now that’s what we’re working with. It ain’t much, let me tell you.

Calliope currently is undeclared in her major, since as you can see she hasn’t rolled a want for it. So, until she decides to stop being a lazy layabout, she’ll be going to the default classes and learning precisely nothing useful.

A quick shot of her personality, which is fairly even overall, except that laziness. Oh well, I can hardly blame her for that, it’s my own worst enemy as well lol.

This is a brand new hood with clean templates and freshly spawned townies, npcs and dormies. Some of them are…interesting, to say the least. Colorful, really. Rape on the eyes would be a more appropriate term, but who are we to talk? Calliope’s like a box of crayons left out in the sun.

Calliope sets in chatting with someone online (likely a perv she’s having chat sex with, dirty whore) and fulfills her own want to meet someone new. This is a good sign, she’s already fulfilling her own wants less than ten minutes into it. Rock. Hopefully she continues to do just as well. Say ‘Aye’ if you think that’s even a remote possibility. *conspicuous silence* Yeah, me too.

Her new online manwhore BFF logs off, so Calliope heads out into the dorm to meet some of her new dorm-mates. She talks this poor schmuck into playing catch with her, where she promptly proceeds to alternately fail to catch anything and then bean him upside the head with her throws. Way to make friends, Calliope.

ACR’s randomizer says Calliope is straight, so since she has a want to flirt and go on a date, it’s time to have her scope some of the dormies to see if she likes anyone here. If not, I’ll use the fact that she wants the date and to flirt (I guess cybersex doesn’t count) as a sign from her that I should take her downtown where there’s a better selection and she might *find* someone she likes enough to date.

This is her reaction to the three boys in her dorm, as well as the cow mascot who’s here. I am so far from surprised. Luck, I has it not. So I’m going to lock the date want and take her downtown after her class gets out today.

When she comes back from class, I decide before wasting my time going to the effort of taking Calliope downtown to hunt for a date, I’d try the college directory and see what it has to offer first.

Turns out, it has this hottie to offer, one of only two black haired boys in the directory. Hopefully she’ll like him, so I have her call Phil up to build up their relationship. If he doesn’t work out, we’ll go to Plan B downtown.

Unfortunately, after a lengthy conversation (or four calls back to back), Calliope decides she’s just not that into him. *sigh*

She does make friends with him, though, and rolls up two new wants for a generalized skill point (it’s about time, I can get finally her one of the points she needs for her undeclared major) and to buy new clothes. Looks like she’ll be heading to the clothing shop downtown to kill two wants with one stone. AFTER she gets that skill point, though, I can’t afford to have it spin away or else she’ll never get passing grades. Damn Pleasure sims.

I decide to have her study cooking, since as you can see she needs it for school, and it turns out cuisine is her One True Hobby. Well good, maybe there’ll be less fires than in my last legacy.

Great, and the idiot mascots interrupt her studying to pitch a fight in the middle of the living room. I hate mascots. I wish I could find a hack or mod that made them not generate. Ever.

She finishes her skilling and off we go to Cold Issue Clothing, where we are hoping for a plethora of black haired, jewelry wearing pleasure boys to make Calliope’s dream of a date come true. So far there’s just the teenage cashier and a vaguely monkey-faced redheaded guy there browsing cologne and thinking about how awesome he is.

Oh *hello* gorgeous. I know, he’s a very popular downtownie, but, uh…can you blame me?? He’s hot and has black hair and maybe Calliope can score herself a sporty hottie for a mate. Let’s find out!


:( Sadly, it’s just one. In the spirit of the Sim Centric challenge, I should really try for better than that. Well, she’s on her own here, so let’s see what she does. Meanwhile I’ll keep an eye out for any other walkby’s that match her turn on’s.

Well, the stinking isn’t so pleasant for them, either, Calliope. Perhaps you should have showered before going on the hunt for a man.

Speaking of men, she’s turned her nose up at everyone here. Despite the fact that she has two bolts with some of them! She just shrugs and goes “Meh.” *sighs* This is not going well.

I know it looks like she’s about to clock this guy, but really they’re dancing together. I don’t know, she’s got a violent streak or something it seems. Redhead in the back there thinks busting a sweet move is pointless when you reek of day old funk. I tend to agree.

Unfortunately, the dancing leads to nothing more illicit than a friendly game of rock paper scissors. Wonderful. And yet…not, really. I think it’s time to go home. She’s tired, smelly, uncomfortable and has rolled a want for more skill points. Home we go, we’ll keep the date want locked and try again somewhere else when she’s feeling more peppy (read: less funky-smelling).

Back home, this is her first Direct Plea to me. She’s completely bottomed on hygiene and has apparently finally had enough. Now I can direct her to shower. Why I need to, when she’s standing less than a foot from the showers, is beyond me.

I don’t know what kind of faerie freestyling she’s doing, but whatever. Get down with your twinkle-toed self, Calliope. She is so not getting any tips, I can just feel it. Oh well, she rolled the want, I obey.

Wow, my mistake. She apparently doesn’t suck too bad according to these guys. Of course…let’s look at these guys for a second and think about what sort of standard for ‘cool’ they set. Yeah.

Huh. She’s got quite a crowd going now. But no one is tipping her. Can dormies not tip you? I really don’t want to go downtown to try this. Darn it. Oh well, she tried and failed, it happens, time to try another want. If she still has this one later maybe we’ll go to the campus coffee shop and try again.

It’d be great if you picked up a book from that bookshelf and started studying, Calliope. Your grades are for shit and it’s really eating me alive to not make you do homework and skill. Help me out. Just one little skill point?

Welll…that’s nice, dear, but not a skill point you need for school. But thank you anyway.

She’s not the brightest neon blue crayon in the box, my Calliope. Just sitting and staring gape-jawed at the sky. I don’t even know. Have I mentioned she *still* hasn’t rolled a want for a major? Can a sim even graduate undeclared? I have no idea, this is the first time in my Sims history that I have A. a sim who’s on her second day of college and hasn’t even gotten all the skills they need this semester, and B. is still undeclared more than 3 hours into their uni lives. The stress is killing me, but I can’t do anything about it!

It’s a shame she gags every time this guy’s around. He’s super pretty and a ginger. I love gingers!

Ew. Oh ew. I think he must have farted before he got up, cause that cloud just lingered and lingered after he left. Blech. Nevermind, Calliope had it right when she gagged at him.

I had a bit of a dilemma when it came time for class. As you can see she has a want to stay home from class, but also one to go to class. Contradictory girl, who’s surprised? So, since she clearly wants both equally, I decided I could pick, so I picked to send her to class because she needs all the help she can get.

Holy fuck yay! As soon as she left for class, Calliope *finally* rolled a major! I immediately switched the lock from the date to the major, because declaring is more important imo. *sags in relief* Now if she’d just roll wants for the skills she needs to pass.

PoliSci it is. And fucking hell, she went from having one skill point and a pretty platinum C level grade bar (not exactly Harvard material but at least passing), to no skill points needed and a teeny red FAIL grade bar. Shit. But look!! What is that in her fear panel??

It’s a big ol’ fear of getting on academic probation!! Well, then, that indicates worry about her poor grades and the desire to raise them. Happily, my dear. Off to skill we go!

First creativity…

Then logic…

Then bed. It’s been a long day and Calliope is *finally* getting somewhere in her college life. Phew! I was beginning to wonder. Maybe there’s hope for her to wind up *not* a lazy layabout after all.

After a good night’s sleep Calliope takes care of her basic needs without a single tantrum and now it’s time to get her last skill point for the semester.

She doesn’t have enough influence points to get someone else to do her term paper, so she’ll have to do it herself. I’ve kept her fear of failing locked so I can keep instructing her to work on her grades, because at this point in the semester just going to class isn’t going to raise her grade enough to pass.

With the fortune related lifetime aspiration points I’ve assigned her, Calliope takes it upon herself to autonomously give financial advice instead of finishing her term paper. Unfortunately, she has yet to show any interest in paying bills, nor has she rolled a fear of the repo man so she might be having something repossessed in a couple days.

A bit of a nap and some noms later, and Calliope finishes her term paper and is now passing like whoa. Just in time, too, her exam is in about 7 hours. Close call. So now that she’s set, I happily let her give all the financial consulting advice she wants. Maybe she’ll eventually roll a want for something to spend it on. Like, you know…bills? Calliope? Rent? Tuition? Hello?

Wooot! She’s in a terrible mood, but she’s passed with flying colors. Unfortunately….this is only semester one. I think I take too many pictures. I’ll try to cut it down in future chapters.

Yeah, I bet you will. You’ll send a ridiculously hot repo man that we can’t talk to or interact with or snag for future mating purposes, steal a lightbulb and a chair and then go away. We’re so scared.

Calliope enjoys her video games muchly. We have that in common, I guess.

See there? Ridiculously hot, unobtainable repo man. What did I tell you? Ugh. He took two cork boards and a cafeteria table.

Calliope is appropriately horrified, but still rolls no fear of him. Maybe once she gets off the phone and it registers.

Since she’s had the want for *ages*, I finally decide we’ll send Calliope on a date with one of the guys she met downtown and has 2 bolts with. I’m not ruling out trying to find someone she likes better, but for now I need more to do and she had the want so…off we go!

Go Here Sunshine Park, my go-to for downtown dates. No extraneous stuff to distract the date and make him wander off to play pool or some such nonsense. He stays with his date as he should. I love this lot.

And this is what they do with themselves. Tell dirty jokes and play red hands. *facepalms*

They dance some, but notice she has zero wants involving him and his are all purely platonic, save for the one want to meet someone else. Telling. Methinks this was not the best idea.

So, Calliope spends the rest of the date freestyling for tips. No one gives her any.

Despite the huge crowd rocking out to her rhymes. LOL, she is so street.

Romeo?? So the guy she has no chemistry with is setting her up with a hot blonde Casanova named Romeo?

And conveniently Calliope has a fear of being rejected for an outing, which translates to her wanting to go on one, so I say yes and off we go back downtown to meet Romeo. We’re also fulfilling another want by having Calliope miss class right now. It’s okay, she has a maxed grade bar.

He’s pretty cute, ignoring the fug outfit. I have a little bit of hope suddenly…

Until THIS happens! Both of them, gagging over each other. Jesus christ, there is no pleasing this girl!

And now he’s giving her the “Talk to the hand, hooker” bit. Lovely. If my hands weren’t tied by the rules, buddy, there’d be a ladderless pool with your name on it.

Look at that epic fucking pout. Lord.

I’ll leave this here. Will Calliope *ever* find someone she deems worthy? Will she roll a better or worse aspiration at the end of sophomore year? How many chapters will it take Fae to get through college and actually start this legacy?

See you next time to find out!

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